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Be the change in your community.

Click here for a detailed list of the kinds of food waste we are currently able to use in our composting

Did you know roughly one third of food produced in the world for human consumption gets lost or wasted? The majority of food waste generated ends up in landfills. Reducing wasted food does great things for the environment. When you send your food scraps for composting, you're helping make healthy soils. This improves soil structure, water retention and reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Reducing landfill waste helps reduce pollution and protect our ground water. We partner with local farms and gardens so that our compost is locally sourced and locally used. We pick up scrapple using bicycles whenever possible so that our carbon foot print is close to zero on resourcing these materials. According the the latest numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency, that's about 38 million tons of waste - with food constituting over 20% of our municipal waste - more than any other single material in our everyday trash.

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